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For someone who needs relief from head and chest congestion and clogged sinuses, the Personal Steam Inhaler by Vicks may be able to help. This system uses the warm, moist heat caused generated by steam in order to soothe clogged and irritated airways in the respiratory system. The effect of steam is a safe way to help alleviate upper respiratory symptoms associated with the common cold, flu or seasonal allergies. With the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, those suffering from breathing distress can get the benefits of steam in the comfort of their own home. Bronchitis, laryngitis, sore throat and chapped lips can all be alleviated with steam. One way that the Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler works is through hot, moist steam. Water is placed into the reservoir as it begins to heat up. There is also an airflow system that allows a small amount of cool air to circulate as well—this aids the steam effect. There are also inhalant pads that are lightly scented with eucalyptus and menthol to help soothe the inner airways. It offers steam control so you can get as little or as much steam as you need to clear out stuffy passages.


The Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler is portable, lightweight and found over the counter so it does not require a physician's prescription. It stands 8 1/2 inches tall and weighs under a pound. It also has a soft plastic hood that fits over your nose, mouth and the face. This system comes apart for safe and easy transportion. It also is easy to maintain when not in use. The interior needs to be wiped dry and cleaned to prevent lime and rust buildup. The disposable pads are pre-packaged and can easily be transported. Everything included fits in the leatherette bag that comes with the unit.


Using the inhaler is convenient and easy to use. It can be brought along to any location that has an electric outlet. Once the system is turned on it begins to heat up. When the indicator light states the unit is ready, the mask can be brought up to the face. The nose and mouth area should be completely covered. The unit can be used several times of the day if desired. It can also be used with the just the steam and not the inhalant pads.