Tennis elbow is a term given to a condition that develops in the outer portion of the elbow, affecting the nerves, tendons, ligaments and muscle of the arm. Although identified more than 100 years ago, tennis players account for only a small percentage of patients suffering from this condition. Generally, the onset of pain is gradual, affecting only the outer side of the elbow and arm. Felt initially as tenderness, tennis elbow affects a person’s ability to grip and carry heavier objects. Homeopathic medicine offers several remedies that help reduce pain and inflammation and may eventually contribute to a remission of all symptoms.

Take Arnica Montana 30C, a homeopathic remedy found in health-food stores, if you experience an initial acute injury to the elbow where there was no pain previously.

For chronic tennis elbow take Rhus Toxicondendron 30C, another homeopathic medicine commonly known as Rhus Tox and also available in health-food stores or from FDA-approved online homeopathic pharmacies. Rhus Tox works best to relieve tennis elbow pain that feels worse when the elbow is first moved from a resting position, and then feels less painful after additional gentle motion of the arm. Rhus Tox is also indicated if the pains are worse at night in bed, accompanied by restlessness, forcing you to change position often or get out of bed frequently, seeking relief.

If the pain in your elbow is worse when you move it and doesn’t get better after continued gentle motion, take the remedy Bryonia 30C. The patient who may benefit from Bryonia may describe the pain as tearing pain, with symptoms that worsen as he continues to move the affected part. He may be grumpy, prefer being left alone and may be extremely thirsty for cold water. Bryonia is available at health-food stores and online homeopathic pharmacies (see Resources).

Take homeopathic Ruta Graveolens 30C if you experience dull or tearing pain in the joint of the elbow or if the bones of the arm and the arm feels bruised. The patient who needs Ruta generally has pains that are worse in damp, cold weather, accompanied by weakness in the arm. Ruta works well on strains and pulls of tendons and ligaments.

Alternate Ruta 30C with either Rhus Tox 30C or Bryonia 30C, depending on your symptoms. After finding the remedy that helps, take one dose and wait 30 minutes. Then take a dose of Ruta, wait at least 30 minutes, and repeat the indicated remedy. Once the pain has subsided, do not repeat either remedy again unless your pain returns.

If no relief is achieved from any of the above remedies after 24 hours of treatment, see a qualified homeopathic practitioner. Because homeopathy is usually prescribed based on individual characteristics of the patient and the remedy, another choice of remedy may be indicated.


A remedy may be taken every half hour, one pillule under the tongue, up to 6 doses for pain. Stop repeating the remedy if pain subsides. If pain reoccurs, take another dose of remedy and wait at least 30 to 60 minutes to see if it will work. If not, another remedy may be indicated.


The suggestions here are meant for educational first-aid purposes only and are not meant to replace medical treatment or the advice of a health-care practitioner.