As someone who is pretty active, I've always had a hard time when my hair stylist tells me to stop washing my hair everyday. Leaving the sweat and grime on my scalp is not gonna happen, but I can tell that the daily lathering and foam isn't doing me any favors either. Enter my newest obsession: Hairstory. They just launched a product called New Wash, which is a detergent-free way to clean and condition hair at the same time.

New Wash is formulated with natural-derived substances that pull away excess oil, without pulling away the protective barrier. What's unique about this is that it looks and feels like a conditioner. My first try was with the New Wash (Deep) variation, I was absolutely sure my hair was not getting clean and I'd still have a greasy mess after it dried. The instructions say to make sure you massage your scalp with the product and let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing. So, I went with it.

After combing and blow drying my hair, I was pretty amazed at the result. Clean, soft, healthy-looking, grease-free hair. And I'm not kidding you, my hair looked pretty great for at least two full days. The next day I showered without washing my hair, but it still looked fine after drying (something I am not used to). For about two months, I've been using my regular shampoo and conditioner twice per week, and New Wash (Deep) the rest of the days.

This is my hair after one month of incorporating New Wash (Deep) - the night before!

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Turns out, when you rinse out New Wash, the bond to water is only strong enough to pull away excess oil, product, and loosely attached particles. This means that the product isn't pulling away the protective barrier, and certain molecules remain which act as a conditioning agent. i.e. You don't need shampoo AND conditioner! Plus, your hair isn't being stripped and has the opportunity to be it's shiniest, healthiest self.

Do yourself a favor and check it out right this way.