When it comes to the word wellness, we often think of how we can best take care of ourselves through movement, meditation, nutrition, relationships and more. All of those pillars of self-care are extremely important, because of course; you can’t take care of others without first taking care of yourself. After you’ve mastered the concept of ‘being good’, it’s time to start ‘doing good.’

Taking the time to help the community around you and the people in your life is just as rewarding, if not more, than the aforementioned self-care. Here at LEAF, we decided to implement a bimonthly “Good Vibes Day.” These are days that we dedicate to doing good for people around us – large or small. In partnership with Culturelle, each #BeGoodInside story shared provides one nutritious meal (up to 40K!) to children in need. Now THAT feels good.

Take a look at our Good Vibes Day how-to below:

On top of donating a meal to a child in need, when you share your #BeGoodInside story with Culturelle, you’ll be entered to win an 8-day volunteer vacation (think: Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and more!).

Share your story here: http://po.st/WFG2KF

And don’t forget that in order to truly do good, feeling your best is #1. Take a look at Culturelle’s line of adult probiotics, including varieties focused on digestive health, women’s health, and overall wellness, for a healthy gut and balanced body! Right this way.

This post was in paid partnership with Culturelle Probiotics, all thoughts and feelings are our own.