We're so excited to share a gorgeous visual tour along with the story behind the Meatpacking District's chic meditation center, Inscape. We had the chance to interview founder & previous CEO of the fashion giant Intermix, Khajak Keledjian, and learn a lot about how meditation truly changed his hectic lifestyle. Watch the video below for a peek inside:

"We need a reset button, we're constantly doing things but we never get to a state of being," says Khajak. Inscape has organized their classes to work with everyone's schedule, including 30 minute lunch meditations that are fit for even the busiest person. One of the most unique parts of Inscape is that there is no physical meditation teacher there with you. They use facilitators, which is an audio guide that is the same for every class, room and even on their mobile app. The reasoning for this is because Khajak wants the experience to be consistently yours without attachment to a specific teacher that you "love on the schedule." I, for one, can relate to that completely. "The app is recommended based, but you are your best teacher."

The space has two beautiful rooms, errr, domes. One is called the Alcove that is meant for laying down and falling into deep rest with deep sound around you. The Dome is an immersive meditation where you sit comfortably up and are guided through different meditation techniques. Besides the meditation rooms, they have an impressive store and gallery with all of our favorite wellness goodies.

Be sure to check out the Inscape app and visit Inscape if you're in NYC!