The number of face oils on the market right now can be extremely overwhelming, and after all of the trial-and-error I've personally done, I always come back to "simple is better." After finally realizing that my oily skin actually needed (the right kind of oil🔑) to balance it out and produce less oil and sebum, my complexion is 10x better than it was in my early 20's. The major, major key in all of this is picking the right oil for YOUR skin type. Coconut oil was a huge hit a couple years back, but it's actually not good for acne-prone skin at all (which I realized after a major cystic acne phase). Recently, I've been experimenting with the Jojoba Restore Face Oil from Ogee and it has been a dream.

Jojoba oil is super moisturizing without feeling too greasy, it's full of antioxidants that actually help soothe breakouts and inflammation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines (YAS!). Another really important note is that when buying a face oil, make sure you read all of the ingredients and buy organic whenever possible (#skinfood). Ogee is 99% organic and contains only the highest quality ingredients that won't clog pores—I must admit I'm a little crazy over ingredients after experiencing acne, and I've had no issues with this. It's the last step in my night time routine, and if I'm feeling particularly dry, I put it on before any sunscreen or makeup in the morning. I must say, it makes me feel realllll glowy 🌟!

Ogee also has their signature Sculpted Lip Oil that never leaves my purse... it's the only lip product I've tried recently that doesn't disappear after an hour. Plus, the packaging is adorable. There's also a hint of peppermint which I'm convinced gives my lips a nice plump and natural flush 😉.

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