If you only have 10 minutes to get a good workout in, HIIT (high intensity interval training) is going to be your best friend. When practicing a HIIT workout, you exert all of your energy into the exercise for a short period of time (think 1 minute!) hitting different parts of the body. Studies show that this short-term exertion coupled with rest burns more fat and helps rev metabolism faster than steady cardio. We teamed up with Sophie Jaffe to share her go-to at-home HIIT workout when she's short on time and resources. And, we promise, you're 100% going to break a sweat. Watch the video below and get started:

A few pointers:

  1. SQUATS: Grab a dumbbell or kettle bell, you can skip this step or improvise with a household item (or baby?!) if you don't have the equipment. Make sure your legs are wide with your toes pointing out. Your toes should be underneath your knees.  1 minute!
  2. CORE: Your arms are straight and your joints are stacked, in a plank pose. Bring your right knee to right elbow, then left knee to left elbow. Focus on your core and keep squeezing your belly! Repeat and speed up. 1 minute!
  3. ARMS: Come into reverse table top, lining up wrists under elbows and shoulders. Lift your hips up, bending the elbows up and down to work the triceps. Fast and mindful! 1 minute!
  5. Don't forget 1 minute of stretches, watch the video above to see Sophie lead you through it.

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