Society has long been obsessed with the beauty habits of Hollywood’s hottest ladies, but the truth is that the guys have a few glam tricks up their sleeves as well. Male celebrities may not be Instagramming their every sheet mask (unless they’re Ricky Martin, that is), but Tinseltown’s men of the hour know the power a good exfoliator holds or how the right facial can transform skin in 50 minutes or less. From Chris Pratt’s relaxing spa treatments to John Stamos’ secret to ageless skin, here are 10 beauty rituals of some of Hollywood’s most crush-worthy men. We’re listening, fellas.

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1. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt makes everything extra delightful — and that includes getting a facial. Recently, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star shared a video of his longtime hair and makeup stylist Bridget Brager massaging his complexion while he wore under-eye patches and a plastic mask. And as it turns out, Pratt isn’t the only dude who’s hopped on the facial train. Guys — famous or not — have been flocking to the spa more than ever lately. “I’ve absolutely noticed an uptick in men coming in for facials and spa treatments,” notes Hanna Naranjo, an aesthetician at Haven Spa in Manhattan. “I think they’re finally realizing that there’s no shame in receiving treatments that are stereotypically meant for women.” As for which treatments males should opt for, Naranjo recommends something with good exfoliation, as men have thicker skin and don’t always follow a thorough skin care regimen.

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2. Drake

If there’s one thing Drake takes seriously, it’s oral hygiene. When a troll recently remarked that the rapper’s teeth don’t look clean on Instagram, the singer shot back, saying, “I have a pink diamond in my tooth. I brush with activated charcoal before any club night where I will see baddies know dattttttttttt.” Activated-charcoal toothpaste has exploded in the past year, being touted as an all-natural whitening product. But does it actually work? Yes and no. “Activated charcoal will not whiten teeth, but through abrasive action can be used to remove surface stains, which may give the illusion of ‘whiter’ teeth,” notes Chicago-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Margaret Mitchell. “To penetrate beyond the surface of the tooth and actually whiten, a hydrogen peroxide-based product typically needs to be used.” Sorry, baddies. Drake’s smile may not be as bright as you thought.

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3. Ricky Martin

He may be 46, but Latin hunk Ricky Martin has the complexion of a 20-year-old. His secret? Sheet masks — and not just on his face. Before the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer shared a photo of himself wearing sheet masks on his face, lips and hands on Instagram. “Being pampered by @hanic_makeup_lashes #facemask #lipmask #handmask gotta love it,” he captioned the funny shot. The result was obviously glowing, red carpet-ready skin, but sheet masks aren’t meant for much beyond that. “While sheet masks do work, they produce short-lived, instantaneous results,” says Naranjo. In other words, save them for when you have a big event, like the Billboard Awards.

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4. Diddy

Diddy is all about luxury — and that includes his approach to skin care. In a 2015 interview with Into the Gloss, the entrepreneur revealed that his flawless complexion is the result of two things: mixing up his products and hydrating before bed. “My bathroom is filled with so many different toiletries, so every night is a different experience,” the 48-year-old said, adding that he’s always sure to drink a big bottle of water before hitting the hay. While having a different nightly “experience” may not be feasible for everyone, Naranjo does recommend changing up products based on the season. And as for drinking enough water? You probably already know the answer to that. “The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it needs hydration in order to look and feel its best,” notes Dr. Michele Green, a cosmetic dermatologist in New York. “Increasing your water intake will definitely decrease dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.” Bottoms up!

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5. John Stamos

There’s a reason Uncle Jesse doesn’t look like he’s aged a day in the “Full House” reboot: John Stamos is militant about sun protection. When asked by People about his “beauty secrets,” the 54-year-old admits that, in addition to “selling his soul to the devil for a pack of gum,” he tries to “stay out of the sun” as much as possible. If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: Use. Sunscreen. Daily. “Wearing sunscreen is so important, as it protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays,” says Dr. Green. “And, in addition to preventing premature aging and the appearance of red veins, rosacea and blotchiness, sunscreen also helps to prevent skin cancers, such as squamous cell and basal carcinoma.” Just a small added bonus.

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6. Pharrell Williams

If you’re going to take skin advice from anyone, it may as well be Naomi Campbell — and that’s exactly what Pharrell Williams did. In a 2014 interview with Into the Gloss, Williams revealed that the supermodel once pulled him aside to tell him he needed to stop using drugstore products and see a dermatologist. After finding said dermatologist, the 44-year-old musician began using Glytone Self-Foaming Cleanser and rinsing with cold water in order to “close his pores.” Unfortunately, like Drake’s charcoal toothpaste trick, the results of rinsing with cold water are only temporary. “Rinsing with cold water will shrink the appearance of pores, but the effect is only temporary, as pore size is genetic,” explains Dr. Green. “The only way to reduce the size of your pores is through laser treatments like Fraxel, Clear & Brilliant, Ematrix or with a chemical peel.”

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7. David Beckham

It’s hard to imagine David Beckham needing any help in the beauty department, but according to his equally stunning wife, Victoria, the former soccer star is a toiletry thief. In a 2014 interview with Elle, the fashion designer admitted that both she and her husband swear by Lancer skin care products. “You know, [David] uses all my Lancer products,” the mom of four revealed. “So we share all of our beauty products.” Despite the fact that there are a ton of cleansers and moisturizers out there geared toward men, it’s perfectly fine for guys to use products typically marketed for women. “Men can absolutely share their wives’ products and sunscreen,” says Dr. Green, adding that many men wind up coming to her office for Botox, Thermage, Fraxel and chemical peels after seeing how good their wives look.

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8. Zac Efron

Zac Efron definitely lucked out in the gene pool, but one of the “Baywatch” star’s most envious physical attributes is his hair. It always looks good! As it turns out, the 30-year-old has a trick to always nailing the perfect hair day: skipping shampoo. “If you really want your hair to look good, just don’t wash it for a day. That’s my secret,” he told Boston.com. And the actor is definitely onto something. “The reason hair always looks good the day after a shampoo is because the oils from your scalp create more shine, making it look healthier and more natural,” says Michelle Luciano, a stylist at Viva Glam Salon in Westfield, New Jersey. “Also, fresh hair is often too soft to hold a style.” Skipping a shower? That’s definitely a beauty ritual we can get behind.

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9. George Clooney

With a villa in Lake Como and a wedding that reportedly cost more than $11 million, you’d think George Clooney’s skin care routine was as fancy as it gets. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Talking to The Mirror in 2010, the “Ocean’s 11” star said that, while he does enjoy a good steam at the spa, he sticks to the basics when it comes to cleansing his skin. “Just a good Ivory soap will do,” the 56-year-old admitted. But before you make a beeline to your nearest Target to stock up on bar soap, keep in mind that Ivory isn’t for everyone’s complexion. Dr. Green notes that, while hypoallergenic Ivory is free of perfumes and dyes, it’s really only meant for people who don’t have excessively dry or sensitive skin.

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10. Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest hasn’t seemed to age much since he began his stint as a host on “American Idol.” And while the 43-year-old has been at the center of a Botox conspiracy theory or two, Seacrest claims that his secret to eternal youth is less conventional than that. “I think I’ve put sheep placenta around my eyes before,” he once said during the “Ryan Seacrest Show.” Yes, really. However, as unappealing as sheep placenta may sound to some, it actually does contain a host of skin benefits. “Sheep placenta is said to be rich in nutrients and amino acids that promote cell turnover and aid with wrinkle reduction,” Dr. Green says. But the real question is: Are you “man” enough to try it?

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What Do YOU Think?

What do you think of these beauty rituals? Would you ever try them? Which one would you consider? Which one would you rule out? What other strange celebrity beauty secrets have you heard about? What’s your current beauty routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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