I've never been an electric toothbrush kind of girl, namely because the space in my bathroom is really limited and I'm also very lazy (after my long-winded skincare routine). But!... I floss every single night, I promise. Anyway, in the name of a whiter smile and trying new beauty regimes in 2018, I had the chance to experiment with the new BURST Brush created by Hamish Khayat. It's a sleek electric toothbrush that has not one, but three settings for whitening, sensitive and massage, complete with binchotan charcoal bristles and a built-in timer.

There are a few things I'm REALLY into about this toothbrush. Firstly, the charge stays forever — you know how I mentioned I have no space? I don't even leave the brush on the charging port, a single overnight charge lasts for at least 3 weeks. Next, the charcoal bristles! Charcoal is known to help with detoxing, and that goes for your pearly whites, too. It helps draw out impurities. Moving on, the 3 setting options are clutch. I have really sensitive teeth and I appreciate the option to toggle between different variations. Of course, the timer is great because it helps you stay on-track for the whole two minutes your dentist tells you to brush your teeth. I don't always follow that rule, though. 😏

🌟 I had the chance to pick Hamish's brain on the best ways to get a whiter smile, and keep it! See below:

1) What are the worst foods to eat when it comes to staining your teeth?

It’s best to avoid foods and drinks with dark pigmentation. Some of the top stain devils include coffee, tea, red wine, berries, tomato sauce, and balsamic vinegar. Of course, if you're enjoying one or more of these items, you can simply brush right after you eat/drink or swish/drink water afterwards.

2) What are the top-line benefits of an electric toothbrush?

Studies have shown that a sonic-powered toothbrush will remove between 6-7X more plaque than a regular manual brush. The BURST brush features an industry-leading 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute and three different brushing modes to provide a superior, personalized cleaning experience: whitening, sensitive and gum massage.

The brush is equipped with a two-minute timer to ensure users are thoroughly brushing for a deep clean. Additionally, the Quadpacer interval timer will double vibrate every thirty seconds, letting you know to move to the next quadrant of your mouth. At the end of two minutes, the brush will turn off.

3) How does charcoal *really* improve your dental health?

BURST’s distinctive black bristles are a result of binchotan charcoal sourced from Wakayama, Japan. By coating the bristles with this particular type of charcoal, they are able to collect and absorb potentially harmful substances between your teeth and gums – including bacteria, plaque, germs and other toxins. By absorbing these impurities, yellow stains on the teeth and the bacteria that causes bad breath are reduced.

4) Thoughts on fluoride versus natural baking soda-based toothpastes?

Natural baking soda-based toothpastes are effective in removing plaque and are healthier when compared to fluoride-based toothpastes. However, baking soda toothpastes lack enough fluoride to help prevent cavities.

5) Top 3 tips for a whiter smile?

  1. Brush at least twice a day
  2. Floss every night (to prevent that staining that occurs between the teeth)
  3. Try to limit your intake of dark colored drink/foods

There you have it, folks! Check out BURST right this way.

*This post was not sponsored in any way, all thoughts are my own!