At 6:17pm PST on Tuesday, January 16th, us earthlings are granted a fresh start with the first New Moon of the year.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon occurs when the Moon and the Sun share the same path and the Moon is casted in shadow, it’s face hidden from view. This creates a dark sky and is the commencement of a new lunar cycle.

What does the New Moon represent?

The New Moon is the first phase in the Lunar Cycle. As this phase ushers in a new path for the moon, it also ushers in fresh energy for us to work through challenges old and new.

How can I work with the New Moon?

Acknowledging and honoring the darkness of the Moon as a time to clear out and re-asses better equips us to accept new opportunities with open arms. When we can acknowledge what needs to be changed or emptied we can refill according to what makes us feel whole. Our decisions then can become products of deep self-awareness instead of anxiety or fear.

What does this particular New Moon have to offer?

If New Years Eve or Day left you feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed or just plain “blah,” this New Moon can act as your own chosen New Year.

Achieving newness in the rigorous sign of Capricorn, this moon is full of potential to manifest wealth, groundedness and an authentic sense, and feeling, of self. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is related to themes of social position, hard work and material realization. Capricorns are known to either be loved or hated, which just exemplifies the raw authenticity and power that they possess.

This New Moon offers us all of the opportunity to embody these incredibly useful qualities. It encourages us to only allow space for what truly “gets” us and sings our praises. On this New Moon, it is not just about calling in a new job or receiving a wad of cash, if there is not purpose or intention behind those requests. This energy is best used making lists of what qualities of yourself you want to see reflected in where you work and who you work for. It is about visioning what kind of life you want to be living and then using that to conjure the perfect amount of money you will need to sustain it. At its core, this New Moon is unapologetic and painfully specific. It begs all the questions about success, social position and money that make us squirm because they may take more time and effort than we would like to offer.

Just for this moon, I urge you to commit. Take a chance on this Capricorn energy. Try to commit only to what speaks to your highest authenticity and power (and to figure out what that is). Seek to manifest the kind of life you deserve, the life that brings in more satisfaction and stability and less stress and stretching. This New Moon is yours, as always. Treat it as such. Step away from the noise of the world to tap into your unique vision. Allow the darkness of the night to swallow it and the light of day to let it shine.

Jaliessa Sipress is a life-path Astrologer, writer and artist dedicated to making Astrology an accessible tool for navigation and healing. You can find out more about her work or book a private session at