Whether you're at your parents' house for the holiday, in a hotel room, dorm room or even the airport... there is truly always time to fit in a workout. It can be as strenuous or laid back as you want it to be. The point being, there are no excuses. And you KNOW it's gonna make you feel 🌸good🌸. In the video below, we're sharing five moves to practice. It's always a good idea to start with some stretching and sun salutations, too.

Alternate Push Ups

Start in plank as you normally would, with your core engaged and heels reaching back with straight legs. All you need to do is keep one hand center as you place the other right or left. Keep your belly strong the whole time here!!! And don't worry, doing this on your knees is just as effective! Repeat each side 10x.

Leg Lifts

Start in a neutral table top position. While your tailbone is tucking under, bend one knee 90_° and lift up (as high as you can!) from the hamstring. Try to keep the knee as high as possible through the whole set. _Repeat each side 20x.

Pelvic Tilts

On your back with your knees bent and ankles directly underneath your knees, start you walk your shoulder underneath your back to lengthen your cervical spine. Using the backs of your legs, lift and lower your glutes. Repeat each side 20x.

Boat Pose

Draw your naval in to protect your low back, this is especially important if you have low back issues!! Your knees can be bent or straight, your sole focus should be on a long, healthy spine (so you're not sluggish!). Inhale as you lower and exhale as you lift. Repeat each side 20x.

Modified Burpee

Start in a wide-legged squat with your knees tracking over your ankles. Place your hands down for plank (step or hop your feet back), do one push up, then hop back to your squat and come to standing. This can be sped up for a cardio boost! Repeat 10x.

After you're done with all of your sets, repeat this sequence as much as you want. We recommend at least 3 for a killer workout. And we PROMISE, you're gonna feel ~amazing~ after.

Workout via @samnegrin | Gear via @outdoorvoices