In our newest #WakeUpWith episode, we had the chance to feature the founder behind one of our absolute favorite food brands, Fourth & Heart, Raquel Tavares. Raquel is an ashtanga yogi and snowboarder from Brazil, mother to two young boys and entrepreneur as principal creator of Tava Organics, LTD, parent company of Fourth & Heart. I've personally watched Fourth & Heart grow within their product line (which now consists of five flavors of ghee butter, sprayable ghee, ghee oil, on-the-go packets and chocolate ghee AKA chocti) and availability (now in ALL Whole Foods!!!)... It's incredibly impressive how the brand has grown. Watch the episode below to get her recipe(s) for success, health and happiness:

6AM, Set yourself up for success

Put your workout clothes first away to make sure you get a sweat in first thing. Less time to make excuses!

6:30AM, Morning energy "goo"

Looks crazy but tastes like caramel. This concoction gives you a boost of energy with loads of vitamins and minerals.

  • Vanilla Bean Ghee (lactose-free and dairy-free, rich in omega fatty acids)
  • Raw manuka honey
  • Guarana (which is a root from Brazil that gives you sustained energy, like green tea!)

Mix a small spoonful together, swirl it around... mmmm!

*Pro tip: Get your breakfast (like Raquel's fruit and yogurt bowl) prepped before you workout so that you can nourish yourself quickly after.

7:15AM, Ashtanga yoga

This specific type of yoga is a regimented practice that is traditionally done in the mornings, 6 days per week. It requires loads of dedication, connection to your teacher and a light heart. Find an exercise or meditation that keeps you centered, focused and close to yourself... so that you can grow your business, family and passions with an open heart and energized sense of self.

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