The first day of 2018 is celestially celebrated with a soft but powerful Full Moon in Cancer at 6:24p PST.

What is a Full Moon?

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition to one another in the sky. Because of this, the Moon’s face is fully illuminated.

What does the Full Moon represent?

The Full Moon is the harvest. Full Moon’s mark the end of a lunar cycle and should be used to take full inventory of your abundance. They are a reflection of all you have built and nurtured in the time since the last New Moon.

How can I best utilize the energy of the first Moon of the New Year?

This particular event is special for many reasons; it is a Full Moon on the first day of the first month of a New Year, it is considered a “super moon” and it is in the Moon’s home astrological sign of Cancer. This moon is just the jumpstart for a whole series of incredible astrological energy at our disposal in January, but this moon can help to prepare us.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, an initiator and a tender water sign. A Full Moon in this sign is a lesson in how we hold our emotions, keep our boundaries and nurture ourselves when the world becomes heavy. The New Year always promises unprecedented success but our wishes for success need to be accompanied by plans for how to navigate the exposure. When your work takes off, you are exposed to more people and therefore more energies. Cancer is an empath, an absorber of the energy that surrounds it. This means that Cancer must master the art of discernment and protection, and this moon, so must we.

This Full Moon, celebrate the new year with a vow to protect and nurture yourself through your success. Commit to understanding when you need a break, what yes feels like and the circumstances that will always require a “no.” Grow deeper into accepting and honoring your sensitivities. Acknowledge and make peace with their roots as well as their current manifestations. Learn to love your depth of emotion, despite how inconvenient or hard it may be.

Regardless of what you do this day, just make sure to let whatever wants to come through, pass and tend to what all your spiritual, emotional and physical bodies need. Your new year starts when you say it does. Make sure you make space for release so that you can enter this exciting time with a focused mind. You possess all you need to manifest the life you have always dreamed of. All you need to do is clear the path.

Jaliessa Sipress is a life-path Astrologer, writer and artist dedicated to making Astrology an accessible tool for navigation and healing. You can find out more about her work or book a private session at