We learned a lot in 2017. It felt like we were all really busy running around, over exerting our energy, being girlbosses and taking the word productive to a whole new level. If there's one thing we can say for 2018, it's that self care in the form of meditation, solitude, rituals and general "healthy" selfishness (it's a thing) are taking the stage. It's time to start nourishing yourself before anyone or anything else. This will be the key to rising success and a year filled with sustainable energy and abundance.

Here are 2018's wellness trends to watch, explained:

  1. Ingredient Integrity: The clean food "trend" (ahem, right) has been increasingly popular over the last couple of years, but as with most really great movements: Change takes time. We're finally seeing large corporate companies become transparent about ingredient sourcing and leading retail companies become more selective and restrictive about their offerings. Not to mention the huge acquisitions of smaller, clean, health-minded companies such as the RXBar x Kellogg deal in October 2017 (for $600M!!!).
  2. More Baths:  "It's almost like doing a yoga class, there's a physical component that gets you in touch with your body," says Jean Godfrey-June, beauty editor at goop. 
  3. Infrared Saunas: A workout without "working out," boutique infrared sauna studios like Higher Dose and Sweat Theory are popping up across NYC and LA as quickly as barre studios.  You've most likely seen your favorite wellness influencer boast about it on IG, so luckily they're becoming much more accessible.
  4. The New Non-Dairy Milks: Move over, almond milk, oat milk is becoming increasingly popular amongst LA's best coffee shops like Alfred, Groundworks and Tom's. It's super creamy and full of fiber.
  5. Avocado Oil: This omega-3, antioxidant and Vitamin E-rich oil is taking the place of coconut oil in DIY beauty recipes and olive oil in your favorite salads. 
  6. Charcoal Lattes: Golden milk is no longer the weird supplement to your favorite coffee shop menu, the weird(er) black latte that is charcoal is popping up on menus across the country. Charcoal is an amazing ingredient to help detox the body, but turmeric is still your go-to for inflammation.
  7. Meditation Studios: When it comes to meditation, it no longer requires the solitude of your own home. Studios like Inscape, DEN, Unplug and even Yogaworks are opening their doors for meditation classes versus vinaysa yoga. It's time to start exercising our brains, especially in today's day and age.
  8. Beauty Rituals: The clean beauty movement has arrived and it's not going anywhere, especially with the heavy hitters like Target and Sephora catching on. Smaller shops like The Detox Market, Credo Beauty, CAP Beauty and Follain are opening up in cities left and right. Aside from clean beauty stores, we're seeing so many product lines focused on special beauty rituals that make you feel like an alchemizing goddess. Powdered masks that activate upon the mixture of liquid, serum boosters and home beauty tools are the new forms of serious skincare.
  9. Vitamins & Supplements: Food as medicine still rings true, but it's becoming more and more apparent that most of us aren't getting ~all~ of the nutrients and vitamins we need. That's why the supplement industry has made it's (chic) debut to the millennial generation with companies like HUM Nutrition, Ritual, Care/Of and goop Wellness. In 2018, we're expecting lots more of these brands, more importantly, those that can personalize a supplement regime based on the individual... without going to the doctor!
  10. Collagen: While we're on the topic of supplements, collagen gets it's own box. This beauty-boosting ingredient is all too-easy to add into your day-to-day life, which is probably why companies like Vital Proteins, Primal Kitchen and Great Lakes are bursting out new varieties every quarter!

Check back daily for your daily dose of wellness, you know we've got you. 💪