Looking into a promising 2018? Your first step might be nailing down those resolutions, where you can make improvements and accomplish goals to feel like your best self. And, while resolutions are individualized, where one person might want to get to the gym more often, or another might want to start reading more books, there might be some commonality among people based on the stars.

The zodiac sign can say a lot about your personality, tendencies, and desires, so it's not unusual for people of similar signs to seek the same accomplishments. Luckily, astrologer Valerie Mesa shares her predictions for 2018 resolutions based on the zodiac.

Aries: Slow Down

A resolution for Aries might be to slow down and move at a steady pace to not get burnt out. "Go with the flow. Be mindful of your words and your actions. Saturn's critical magnifying glass is on you for the next three years, and it's no filter," says Mesa. It's time to be present in the day and be aware of what you want in order to feel balanced. "Be open to the idea of compromise and healing," says Mesa.

Taurus: Meet The One

Love is looking up for Taurus. "Saturn is hard at work in your ninth house of higher learning and deep truth for the next three years. Have faith," says Mesa. Use this spirituality to go after what you want in relationships. "Lucky Jupiter is also lighting up your relationship sector, teaching you a thing or two," she says. It's time to share your time with another and open yourself up.

Gemini: Get Out Of A Routine

Time to shake things up. "Get to work and give it your all! Lucky Jupiter is bringing luck and expansion to your area of work and responsibility," says Mesa. And, be open to love, adding a new person to your schedule. "Don't be afraid to show emotion. Serious Saturn is parked in your intimacy sector for the next three years, asking you to reevaluate your emotional connections. Communication is key," she says.

Cancer: Get Creative

"Be YOU. Lucky Jupiter jumped into your fifth house of passion and creativity this year. Don't be afraid to take risks," says Mesa. Plus, are you in a serious relationship? "Saturn is hard at work in your seventh house of committed partnerships for the next three years. Respect is a must and boundaries are necessary," says Mesa. Work on increasing that commitment and seeing things through, long-term.

Leo: Work On Yourself

"Jupiter will bring you a deeper understanding of your roots this year. What makes you feel at home? How can you heal from the inside out? Work on figuring yourself out," says Mesa. "Serious Saturn is in your house of health and routine for the next three years, and he will teach you a thing or two about living a healthier and more productive lifestyle," Mesa adds. Time to book those workouts!

Virgo: Focus On Communication

"Jupiter will teach you the power of words and the influence they have on others this year. You finally feel comfortable in your skin but it’s time to let that confidence shine through," says Mesa. And, it'll come in handy for romantic relationships, too. How do you express love? "Saturn is asking you to take a step back and truly analyze how you're expressing your romantic feelings," she adds.

Libra: Do Some Soul Searching

"Saturn is asking you to take a deep dive in yourself for the next three years. What do you need to heal from? Figure out your deepest desires and improve self-worth," says Mesa. "In the meantime, Lucky Jupiter is stationed in your second house of income, bringing abundance to your house of finances and self worth," she adds. So, make a resolution to be smart with all that extra dough.

Scorpio: Love Yourself

Time to focus on acceptance and self-love. "This is your year, Scorpio! Jupiter is spending the next 13 months on your side. Dreams? Bucket list? Oh, the possibilities! You don’t want to let this energy go to waste," says Mesa. "Jupiter knows your potential; hence this transit will bring growth and expansion to every part of you," she adds. Figure out where you want to channel that passion. Maybe through work, relationships, or side-projects. Go forth with confidence.

Sagittarius: Remember Who You Really Are

"This year, lucky Jupiter is stationed in your house of subconscious dreams, working behind the scenes and asking you to dig deep in your psyche. Do you remember your dreams? Keep a journal this year and write them down," says Mesa. If you ever felt lost in 2017, now's the time to re-find yourself. "Saturn moved on to your house of income and self esteem for the next three years. This transit will bring you financial wisdom and remind you of your values," she adds. Be sure to plan accordingly and spend wisely.

Capricorn: Network More

Time to build that social and professional circle. "Jupiter is about to spend the next 13 months expanding your social networks, bringing opportunities to collaborate with those who have similar hopes and dreams," says Mesa. "Between now and 2020, Saturn will revamp your entire foundation, teaching you maturity and character," she adds.

Aquarius: Focus On Boosting Your Career

"Are you ready to make your dreams come true? This year, Jupiter is taking a journey through your career sector and destiny in the world. This transit can bring recognition and opportunity to your professional life," says Mesa. Whether that means a new job, a promotion, or a creative project that's aligned with your passions, you're free to pursue it and meet success.

Pisces: Look For Faith And Discovery

Whether through religion, creative outlets, a social network, or hobbies, you're bound to find something true to believe in. "This year, Jupiter will take a journey through your ninth house of faith and discovery. This transit is reminding you to have faith in all that you do," says Mesa. And, those friendships will also strengthen, if you give them time. "Serious Saturn will spend the next three years hard at work in your area of friendships and networking. Two words: collective thinking," says Mesa.

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