It seems like mindfulness has become trendy lately—kind of buzzword-y. Don’t let that fool you, though. It’s a major self care and improvement tactic that a lot of people swear by, which is probably why it became so popular. Because of its rise to stardom, of course there are now multiple apps that can help you practice mindfulness on the daily. If you’re new to this game and aren’t sure what some of the best options are, here you go!

Insight Timer

This is the only app on our list that offers all its guides and content for free. Most apps provide loads of stuff for free, but after a certain point suggest your upgrade to their paid subscription. Some people prefer to make that small investment if it means they can use the app they prefer, but for others, Insight Timer is just the ticket! The app prides itself on community building and can make users feel like they have a resource to always turn to for help with stress, anxiety and sleeping issues.

The Mindfulness App

If you’re new to mindfulness or meditation, The Mindfulness App might be the right place to start. It offers tons of content for beginners and lots of guided meditations. You can start out with a five day guided meditation to mindfulness—perfect!

Headspace: Meditation

This is an “Editor’s Choice” pick in the app store and has the highest rating (4.9) of all the other apps we scoped out. It’s been rated by more than 95 thousand people, so you know this one must be good. The app’s description says it can help you build healthier relationships not only with yourself, but with the people you love. It also offers SOS sessions, which can assist you in an anxious pinch and quickly help put the situation in perspective.


This is the option I’ve heard the most about. Whenever a friend or someone brings up meditation or practicing mindfulness, this is the app always suggested. It offers six different timed sessions ranging from three minutes to 25. This is super helpful when you know you want to meditate, but only have a few minutes before a meeting, big test or stressful moment. Speaking of a big test, one of the topics offered through Calm is called “mindfulness at college”—a perfect subject for students who might be struggling.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think is a great option for adults, but also offers a separate kid-friendly app as well. With this app you’ll focus on checking in with your emotions so you can develop awareness of your thoughts and feelings. Learning to do this can help you individually, but it’ll also encourage you to recognize emotions in others, which can alleviate high-stress situations.

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