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When it comes to skincare, there are a few big name estheticians that come to mind. One in particular, Dayle Breault, or GODDESS, as she calls herself, has caught the likes of celebrities including Cara Delevingne, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. She also happens to have her own product line, Goddess of Skin, that is formulated only on the New and Full Moons. Why? Her A/B research on how these formulations, rather than products not created under the moon cycle, have a special "chi" that all of her clients are drawn to. We're believers, you know how we feel about our Full and New moons!

I've been using three of Goddess' products for the last few months and I can say I'm incredibly impressed. I also got to chat with the Goddess herself on a few major skincare tips everyone should keep top of mind:

What is the best order to apply products?

Cleanse, tone, serum, mist, creme. I like to create an analogy with my patients which can stick in their heads. So I share the β€œrum cake analogy” with everyone. If you think about your process as if you were making a rum cake, you have the skin which is the cake, the serums and mists as the β€œrum” which keeps the rum cake moist, and your cremes as the frosting which seals all the moisture inside. Simple and concise.

What lifestyle tips do you recommend when dealing with chronic acne?

Keeping a healthy gut microbiome is one of the most important lifestyle changes one can make to create a more perfect complexion. Eating greens and leafy veggies, drinking plenty of water, avoiding sugar, caffeine and dairy, and making sure you are eliminating properly. Whatever does not exit will come out in our skin, as it is the largest organ for detoxification. Keeping your stress levels down, and your hands off your face. I also love Bone Broth. And probiotics. A very simple addition with so many health benefits, from healing your gut to creating collagen synthesis.

Now for the products...

Bonafide Scrub

This is a physical exfoliant full of organic ground amber, organic peppermint and microdermabrasion crystals. It feels like you legitimately just got a facial. It's brightening and wakes you right up, I love using it in the morning. The 'grounds' are so small that it doesn't irritate the skin like other physical exfoliators I've tried. I was weary at first because I've heard that physical exfoliants can actually spread active acne, but Dayle explained that, "only if the skin has open comedones (whiteheads) or cysts, physical exfoliants can spread bacteria and chemical versions are preferred." I haven't had any issues and I truly think that this product has helped lighten a lot of acne scarring I developed last year, and prevented anything new. Dayle says, "this product provides a cooling effect on the skin when exiting the shower. I like to compare it to a cool breeze like a peppermint patty." ($74.88, Goddess of Skin)

Truthful Serum

This is a milky serum that works to synthesize collagen, moisturize, and even repair skin trauma such as stretch marks! It's full of antioxidants, peptides, squalene, hyaluronic acid and lacto-cermides. If all of this is foreign language to you, this is basically meant to keep your skin firm and youthful forever. Having acne-prone skin, I'm always weary of trying new stuff. I can honestly say that I've been using this every morning for two months and I've had zero negative effects... and my skin is forever moisturized without being oily. I also think it's helped reverse some of the summer sun damage I accrued. ($130.88, Goddess of Skin)

Awakening Serum

Are you on the retinol train yet?! If you're in your late 20's starting to notice some fine lines that were ~never~ there before, you might wanna start. As am I. Dayle says, "I am firm believer in retinol and the ability it has to help repair and keep the collagen and elastin stimulated." Along with a major sunscreen regime, this is your golden ticket to anti-aging (hence the golden bottle 😊). This serum is not only formulated with micro-encapsulated retinol, but purified seaweed and L-Carnitine to nourish the epidermis. I've tried many retinols and a lot of them leave you feeling dry, this serum definitely does not β€” when I wake up I feel like my skin has cleared from any little bumps that might've popped up recently. I only use this about 2-3x week, it's a proactive "treat." ($149.88, Goddess of Skin)

Got more skincare questions? Be sure to send them to info@leaf.tv or DM @leaftv! Shop Goddess of Skin right this way.