The transition between seasons brings a lot of change — not just the leaves changing, but our wardrobe, makeup routine and skincare. It's important to switch out the products you're using to ensure you're protected from the drier climate, sans humidity. You might also want to update your go-to lip color and Here are 4 ways to spice it up:

Exfoliate more often.

The cooler fall weather tends to dry out our skin, leading to uneven skin tone and chapped lips. To help our bodies slough off all the extra dry skin, it’s important to exfoliate your face, lips, and body more often — at least two times per week. If you don’t have an exfoliating scrub at home (we highly recommend this one), it’s easy to make one with ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen. Just mix together two parts sea salt to one part olive oil — and for the ultimate spa-like experience, try adding in a few drops of essential oil like calming lavender.

Swap your SPF.

You probably don’t need to be reminded about how important it is to wear sunscreen on your face, but we'll remind you anyway. If you’ve been slathering on high SPF during the summer months, you can probably adjust your routine for the fall season. In the hotter months, or when you’re spending more time outside in general, it makes sense to apply sunscreen with higher SPF (and we hope you do!). But when it’s cooler out and you’re spending more time indoors, it’s probably just fine to switch out that SPF 50 for an SPF 30. A lot of BB creams and tinted moisturizers come with a light SPF already built-in, which are perfect for fall!

Change up your color palettes.

Summertime is all about light and bright colors when it comes to makeup. But during the cooler fall weather, it’s totally appropriate to swap out lighter eye and lip shades for darker, richer hues. You can also start wearing more full-coverage foundation (if you need it!) and more matte lipsticks (vs. shimmery glosses). Another easy swap to make when it comes to color is with your nail polish — opt for (natural) nail polishes in trendy mauves, greens, and grays.

Ditch your blow dryer.

When the air is cooler and drier out, it can wreak havoc on your locks, causing extra frizz and even split ends. To give your hair a break and help it retain more moisture, try ditching the blow dryer (and all heated styling tools if possible) during the cooler months. If it's too unrealistic to ditch them altogether, at least try cutting down on how often you heat style your hair — maybe just on the weekends or for special events. Cutting down on heat styling will give you healthier hair, and you'll also gain some time back in your busy mornings!

What are your cooler weather tips? Dish in the comments!