In our latest Wake Up With YouTube series, we had the chance to get to know certified Reiki master, yoga instructor and meditation teacher, Kelsey Patel. Go inside her Downtown LA penthouse in the episode below and take note of her incredible tips of living mindfully throughout!

First thing: Reiki Precepts

"I never ever get out of bed, no matter where I am or where I'm traveling to, without first stopping and placing my hands on my heart," says Kelsey. If you wake up anxious a lot of the time, this might be a great integration for your routine too. You can incorporate a simple mantra such as, "Just for today I am Grateful," "Just for today I am Ease and Grace," "Just for today I am Loved," "Just for today I Am Willing To Receive," "Just for today I am Open."

For the breath work, you simply place one hand underneath your armpit, your other hand underneath the other armpit. You're closing off the energy so all of it comes into the heart center. Through every exhale, you allow the body to receive balance.

Next up: Skincare

Right after a good face wash (and dry off with a new, clean towel!), Kelsey brushes with a fluoride free toothpaste like Dr. Bronner's and uses a tongue scraper to help clean out bacteria. "First thing for my skin is a Vitamin C serum, because we live in LA and there's a lot of pollution, Vitamin C is so important for the skin to help me skin feel nourished, clean and protected," says Kelsey. After some eye cream, a great neck and decollate moisturizer, and natural deodorant... and she's all set. Low maintenance, maintenance is key, right?

Now, time for Crystals

Kelsey is a Reiki master and incorporates crystals throughout her home and her day daily. She has a room where she keeps all of them together to choose which ones are calling her, or her clients, for that moment in time. In this episode, Kelsey grabbed tourmaline, to dissolve negative energy, sunstone, for benevolence and joy, quartz with black tourmaline and tiger's eye for focus. "And sometimes, if you see me in a grocery store, I'm the random person who will give you a crystal."

Last but not least: Breakfast

"Every morning I try to pack as much sh*t into one thing, so I can have it on the go or I can have it while I'm doing the rest of my work. I have a philosophy that you don't have to think too hard about some of this stuff, so we're gonna see what I have in my fridge then cross my fingers that it tastes good," says Kelsey. The smoothie filled with banana, leftover beet juice, greek yogurt and super foods... was actually a win. And no leftover food from previous days went to waste! #win 🤞

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