Sure, Instagram is about stalking frenemies and ex-boyfriends, but it’s also about finding serious inspiration. From fashion to cooking to home decor — Instagram has it all. Every once in awhile, though, you need more than pictures of nude lipstick and bomber jackets — you need color, nature, something black and white — you need art! Luckily you can gawk at (and be inspired by) all kinds of artwork on social media for free! Here are some of our fav accounts to follow for art vibes.

Mai Autumn

The nature-inspired pieces put out by Christine Lindstrom of Mai Autumn are magnificent to say the least. If you’re completely bored of your current Insta feed, then this is exactly what you need. Her work is colorful, full of flowers, birds and even some abstract moments. Whether you’re actually into art or not, you’ll be so glad to add her to your list of favorite follows.

Peter McKinnon

If you’re looking for more than just beautiful landscape photography, but maybe also some lessons on how to create your own, Peter McKinnon is the guy to follow. His feed is full of animals, cityscapes, mountains and nature and really makes one want to pack up and go check out what the world has to offer. He also has a great YouTube channel for aspiring photographers, so if that’s you, make sure to check it out.

The Art Institute of Chicago

Of course we had to include The Art Institute because it’s the ultimate way to fill your Insta feed with art that fits the more traditional definition, but also adds some contemporary and modern work too. It doesn’t matter what kind of art you favor, though, there’s a little something for everyone here. Plus, it’s a great way to discover new artists to follow and be inspired by!

Wildfield Paper Co.

We see some of the most gorgeous and delicate water color work ever on this Instagram account and couldn’t help but include it on this list. Annie Bunker Mertlich is the genius behind all the beautiful art you’ll see both on her page and on Minted. That’s right, maybe you actually own art by Annie and don’t even realize it because she’s a Minted artist!


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Nitch isn’t specifically an art account, but it does feature portraits and quotes of artists from all across the spectrum. From actors to musicians to painters — it’s the kind of content that stops you from scrolling for a second to read whatever inspiring or motivational quote is posted with a (usually black and white) photo. It’s a nice break from all the usual photos taking up your feed.