One of the best parts of fall is the weather. It’s still warm enough to be outside most of the day, but it’s cool enough to feel comfortable really breaking a sweat. The outdoor workout is something to really be taken advantage of (anything to save a few dollars on that gym membership), especially if you find an activity you really enjoy doing. To give you some fit-spiration for fall, here are our best suggestions.


Kayaking is fantastic for the summer, but even better for the fall. You can take in all the views of the leaves changing and a nice sunrise during a morning visit to the lake. Not only is kayaking a great arm workout, but it’s also good for the mind. There’s nothing better than a quiet moment in nature all to yourself.

Run a 5k

In the fall, there are tons of fun 5ks and outdoor events going on, it’s almost overwhelming. Find a fun run or walk to do with a couple friends and get moving! You can take it a little more seriously and do some training, or choose something more laid back. A lot of these runs include wine stops or a cold beer afterwards. It’s more about loosening up than it is about exercise, but if you can get your heart rate up, that’s a major bonus.

Try a Bootcamp

When the temperatures allow it, a lot of boot camps are outside. This might be pretty intense, so you may want to work yourself up to it. Either way, though, exercising outside is way better than being stuck in a humid, smelly gym. Fall is a good time of year to try it out too, because a lot of gyms will offer free class passes to encourage people to keep coming in once summer’s over.

Join a Sports League

There are tons of organized sports leagues that start up a new session come fall, so don’t be afraid to dive in and try something new. Sand volleyball is a really fun one that’s outdoors and really gives your whole body a workout. Plus, we think sand volleyball has the reputation of also including pitchers of beer and lots of team bonding. So, grab your friends and hit the sand!

Go for a Walk

There are several ways to get outside and just walk. One of our favorite ways? Apple picking while the leaves fall and the sun sets. Orchards are amazing not only for the apples, but because a lot of them usually offer wine as well. What could be better than walking around an apple orchard in 65 degrees with a glass of wine in hand and your best friends by your side? Nothing.