It’s important to mix up your workout routine every now and again. If you’ve been running for a few months surprise your body with a cycling class, or maybe if you’re a yogi, try a boot camp instead. There are a few specific exercises we’ve taken note of lately because they’re bursting onto the scene (or have had a spot there for a while), and we think you need to give them a try this fall. Be a fitness trend setter and the first of your friends to do something different!

Interval Training

We’re seeing this kind of work out everywhere right now — mostly in the form of at-home fitness regimens. Trainers are packaging up the moves they know are effective and selling them for under $100 online as a downloadable PDF. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is just one example. They’re great because they usually require minimal equipment and are high-intensity short workouts, which is ideal for most people and generally result in the quickest weight loss.

Yoga and Meditation

It used to be that yoga and meditation were only for a certain kind of person — a “hippie” or the “super chill”. But now, yoga has definitely made it mainstream. You’ll see all kinds of people in the studio breathing deeply and letting their minds relax. Do your research and decide which type you want to try first, there are so many including vinyasa, ashtanga, Iyengar, kundalini, etc.! You can also do this one at home if you want to save a few dollars. Check out all of the LEAFtv at-home yoga classes and tutorials right this way.


This activity appears to have made its debut on Shark Tank (we love this show). It’s a studio class where you use a mock surfboard to work out, but it hasn’t made its way into smaller cities just yet. This means it’s still really new to the fitness scene and you’ll definitely be a trend setter if you have the opportunity to take a class! Of course, there’s a location in NYC called Surfset, so check it out if you’re located in or near the city.


It seems like Pure Barre studios are popping up left and right these days. Are you really into fitness if you’ve never taken one of these classes? If you haven’t, fall is the time to try something new, so go for it! You work a completely different set of muscles than you do in workouts such as running and yoga, there's no doubt you'll end up sore (in the best way possible). This regime is surprisingly intense and will give you a totally new appreciation for all the ballerinas out there.


Boxing has always been a popular work out, but with celebs like Gigi Hadid saying it’s her go-to exercise to burn some serious calories, there seems to have been a resurgence. And let us be the first to admit, it’s wayyy harder than what it looks like. We always wondered why professional boxers looked like they were resting or leaning on each other during a match — now we know. If you're in LA, check out Box Union for a killer workout.