Travel in Comfort Without Sacrificing Style

Woman traveler with map looking at the sea

Spontaneous road trips may not happen quite as often now, but becoming a mother doesn't mean you have to retire your adventurous spirit. Grab the kids for a memorable family vacay, or drop them at the grandparents' with a kiss and head out to conquer the business world or have a romantic weekend with your sweetie. Do it all dressed in effortless, functional pieces that allow you to maneuver airports and motherhood without breaking a sweat.

Loose, Flowy Pants

They're just as comfortable as yoga pants, and nearly as functional, but you'll look a little more polished wearing "real" pants on your next journey. Select a pair of cotton-blend pants in a dark, solid color with a drawstring waist. (This style of pants can look like PJs if they're striped or otherwise patterned.) The drawstring allows you to adjust the waistband for comfort, which is great if you're still adjusting to a post-baby body. The right pair is loose enough to allow you to crouch down to check on your baby or soothe a tantruming toddler, but fitted enough that they show off your shape.

Button-Down Blouses

If you're nursing, these shirts provide the right mix of ease and modesty that you might be seeking while traveling. And even if you're not nursing, a button-down shirt should still be in your suitcase. Dress it up with a cardigan or blazer for a business meeting, roll up the sleeves and pair it with jeans or wear it unbuttoned over a T-shirt for warmth on the plane.


A great travel accessory for any woman is a pashmina—or any oversized scarf—that has multi-purpose on any trip. Use it as a privacy shield while you nurse or pump, ball it up to use as a pillow in a car or on a plane, wrap it around your shoulders on a chilly night, drape it around your neck to accent your outfit or hide a stain, use it as a blanket if your child is cold ... really, you'll find tons of ways to make use of this wardrobe staple. Pick one that's solid in color or has a subtle pattern so you can pair it with lots of outfit options.

A Cozy Sweater

Unless you're headed to the tropics, it's highly likely that you'll want to be wrapped in something warm and cozy at some point during your trip, whether it's on the plane, taking a sunset beach walk or curling up in a chilly hotel room. Bring a sweater that's a little big and open in the front, to allow you to nurse if necessary, or to snuggle your little one close to you.

Supportive Slip-Ons

Heels still have their place in your wardrobe, but traveling involves a lot of walking—and if you're carrying a small child or lugging a lot of bags through a crowded space, you'll need your footwear to give you plenty of stability. Cute espadrilles, leather boat shoes or fabric flats can all work. Just make sure that you choose shoes with some padding and supported arches to allow you to walk comfortably for hours.