Rosacea can be such a pain! Both physically and emotionally. It’s a pretty common skin condition that causes skin (especially facial skin) to get red and irritated. All sorts of things can trigger rosacea and make it worse, including everything from alcohol to emotional stress. If you’ve been looking for natural ways to help reduce the symptoms of this skin condition, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 natural remedies for rosacea:

  1. Raw honey - It might seem a little crazy to put honey on your face, but trust us - it’s a game changer! Raw honey has all sorts of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which will help put your rosacea at ease. To help reduce flare ups, try applying raw honey as a face mask once per week - leave it on for 10 minutes, give it a good rinse, and voila!
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) - OK, we’re honestly starting to wonder what health benefit ACV doesn’t provide. We’ve all heard how beneficial ACV can be for everything from cold prevention to weight loss, but who would’ve thought it could be a remedy for rosacea? Try drinking a shot of ACV diluted with a little water every morning (bonus points if you add raw honey)! Taking ACV internally will help your body combat inflammation, which is exactly what rosacea is. You can also use it externally as a toner - just combine some water and ACV (50/50 ratio), put it on a cotton ball, and gently apply the mixture to your face after normal cleansing.
  1. Matcha green tea - Green tea, especially in powder form, is an incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory. Since rosacea is caused by inflammation in the body, green tea will help combat the root cause of the condition. Try making a simple green tea latte with almond milk. If green tea lattes aren’t your thing, try a green tea mask by mixing together matcha powder and raw honey. Apply the mixture to your face and let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Your skin can’t wait to drink up these powerful, healing ingredients!
  1. Aloe Vera - Incredibly popular for treating sunburns, aloe vera is one of the skin’s all-time besties. If you apply it to your face morning and night, it will help soothe the redness and inflammation associated with rosacea. Try storing your aloe vera gel in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. Oh, and have you seen those aloe vera drinks in your local health food store? Well good news - taking aloe vera internally can help with rosacea too, so drink up!
  1. Silk pillowcase - This is one easy change that will make a drastic difference in your skin’s overall health. Cotton pillowcases can be irritating to your facial skin, and if you have rosacea you’ll want to avoid any irritating fabrics. Cotton is also super absorbent, which is a no-no when the goal is to get your night cream to sink in. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will not only be less harsh on your skin, it will allow it to retain moisture better - a win-win for anyone suffering from rosacea!

Do you have any tips for easing rosacea? Dish in the comments!