Muscle cramps, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. What if we told you that one mineral might be able to help with all of these issues? For so many of us, a magnesium deficiency may be responsible for all kinds of negative symptoms. We get magnesium in our diets through nuts, beans and green leafy veggies, but it doesn’t hurt to take a supplement if you don’t incorporate these foods very often. A safe dose typically ranges from 300mg to 500mg, but as you should before adding any supplements to your diet, check with your doctor first. However you get your daily dose, we hope you’re getting it, because here are 6 amazing benefits of magnesium:

Deeper sleep

When you’re stressed out and have tense muscles, your body has a hard time relaxing and falling asleep. Seems logical, right? Since magnesium helps relax your muscles, it’ll not only help you fall asleep faster, it’ll actually help you get a deeper sleep, too. It might finally be time to say goodbye to all that tossing and turning!

Reduced stress & anxiety

Did you know that magnesium is known as the “original chill pill”? It surprised us too, but it really is the perfect supplement to help combat stress and anxiety. Stress can actually deplete your magnesium levels, and a magnesium deficiency can make stress and anxiety even worse—such a vicious cycle!

Aids digestion

In our opinion, one of the biggest benefits of taking magnesium is how it well it improves digestion aka constipation. Try taking a magnesium supplement before bed to really let it work it’s magic.

Heart health

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the U.S., so why wouldn’t you do everything you can to help protect that one and only heart of yours? Magnesium is essential for regulating your blood pressure, and a deficiency can increase your risk of heart-related diseases such as hypertension. Need we say more?

Muscle & nerve health

Essential to the health of your muscles, magnesium is one of the minerals that helps your muscles and nerves function properly. So if you’ve been cramping up lately, or just have sore muscles in general, you might want to take some magnesium. Even if that’s not the culprit, it’s worth a try.

Increased energy

The next time you hit a mid-afternoon slump, you might want to reach for some magnesium instead of that triple shot. Magnesium actually gives you sustained energy at the cellular level, which (in our opinion) is way more effective than the temporary boost you’d get from caffeine. Magnesium latte anyone? Maybe one day that’ll be a thing...