With spring’s longer days and sunshine, who doesn’t crave a little more time outside? Chances are, you spend the majority of your time inside each day, and the closest you get to the outdoors might be through your office window. With our crazy work weeks and schedules, it can be hard to actually make it outside. Don’t wait for your tropical vacation to get your sunshine fix - here are 5 easy ways to get outside more often:

  1. Grab a friend - It’s easier to stick to things, whether it’s a diet or a workout plan, when you have a buddy. Ask some co-workers if they’d be interested in going on daily walks with you on your break. It doesn’t have a be a long walk - even getting outside for just a few minutes provides an instant energy boost, and can help decrease work-related stress. After the work day is over, turn happy hour with friends into “wine walks” outside - what are all those insulating water bottles for if you can’t use them for wine anyway?!

  1. Eat your meals outside - Try eating a few (bonus points for all) of your meals outdoors. So often when we eat, we’re multi-tasking and stressed out - think drinking coffee and eating a bagel in traffic on the way to the office. Not being mindful while we’re eating leads to overeating, indigestion, and most importantly - not living in the moment. By bringing your meals outside, you’ll not only get fresh air and sunshine, you’ll also take time to appreciate and savor the moment (along with your food!).

  1. Take your workouts outside - Days are longer and warmer starting in Spring, which means more chances for you to get outside. Time to ditch the gym and head outdoors - take your dog for a long walk, or head out for an early morning run. Getting your daily dose of vitamin D (from sunlight) can even help you lose weight on its own - umm, score!

  1. Schedule it in - If your weekend plans fill up fast, try scheduling in some outdoor time. It always seems that Spring and Summer go by in the blink of an eye, so take advantage of the nicer weather while it’s still around. Schedule time to get outside just as you would a workout or dinner plans with a friend. Here’s an easy tip: make a list of outdoor hikes or activities that are within a day’s reach - could be spending an afternoon picnicking with your friends at a beach, or exploring a new trail with a family member. Then, at the beginning of each month, find some free days in your planner and book them with ideas from your list!

  1. Start a garden - This is one hobby that will be sure to get you outside more regularly! Along with the benefits of getting you outside, gardening will provide moderate exercise and constant access to fresh produce. If you aren’t able to start a full-blown garden, we totally get that - even a few plants scattered around your outdoor spaces will draw you outside more often for watering and care.

What are your tips for enjoying the weather when you can?! Comment below and let us know!