We all know about the dangers of UV exposure, but this doesn’t mean we need to stay indoors and hermit come spring and summer. Instead of fearing the sun, be informed and learn how to best protect yourself against it (while still building up naturally bronzed skin). Here are five of our favorite skin-protecting products, for every part of the bod:

  1. In the spectrum of sunburns, there is nothing more annoying than having burned, chapped, and bright red smoochers. Because of that, having a lip balm on hand with a good SPF is key. One of our favorites is Ilia’s Balmy Days. It goes on smoothly, smells great, and will keep your lips soft and protected all day. Just like a daily moisturizer with SPF, lip balm with sunscreen should be part of your everyday routine.

  1. There is no easier way to protect your face from the sun than using a daily serum that has SPF. This way, every time you leave home in the morning, even of a cloudy day, you will be shielded from UV rays no matter what. Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF, and you get a summer glow and sun protection. Not only do we love the packaging of this tinted facial moisturizer by Raw Elements (it comes in a tin), but its all natural ingredients and antioxidant elements make it all the more appealing for daily use.

  1. The more protection the better, especially when it comes to protecting that gorgeous face of yours. Because of that, on top of your daily moisturizer with UV protection, we recommend using Coola’s setting spray. Sun and heat don’t stand a chance with this product, which sets your makeup to prevent heat-induced melt off in addition to SPF 30 to protect from harmful rays.

  1. Whether you color your hair or not, keeping it protected when in the sun helps to not make it brittle and dry out (also a dry scalp = dandruff, and that’s just plain annoying to deal with). Living Proof’s Restore Instant Protection Spray works on all types of hair, and protects against heat and UV exposure. It also adds shine!

  1. Body wise, we suggest going with a cream that’s lightweight (read: doesn’t leave you feeling like a ball of sticky grease), and unscented, so you can still wear your favorites perfumes. Suntegerity Unscented Mineral Sunscreen fits all this criteria, and also boasts an array of organic and non-toxic ingredients, making it the perfect full body protection, in our opinion.

Now, grab your hat, sunglasses and book and head outside! Just don’t forget to soak it up safely.