How to Make Soy Soap Bars. Soy contains a large amount of Vitamin E, which helps repair damaged skin cells and regenerates growth. Soy also helps maintain a youthful appearance as it transfers female hormones to the skin.

Evaluate the soy base for your soap bars. You want to find a base that uses the soy protein as well as the lipids. A good soy base lists soy within the first two to three ingredients for the base.

Melt your base with a heat source. Depending on the type of base you use, you can warm the base in the microwave, in a crock-pot or on the stove. Follow the recommended directions from the provider-wax bases shouldn't go in the microwave.

Add skin-safe products like dye or fragrance to the soap base. When you make soap, you need to use products that won't dye the skin or cause an allergic reaction. Add small quantities at a time until you reach the desired amount. Stir well to blend the additions through the entire base.

Pour the soap mix into molds. If air bubbles arise, spray them with rubbing alcohol, which makes the bubbles disappear.

Allow the soap to harden. To prevent damage to your molds, leave the soap until it cools and hardens completely-it should easily separate from the molds.


Some soy soap bases require additional additives like glycerin to form a solid soap bar.