How To Start An Alkaline Diet

There's a reason that celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Giselle B√ľndchen follow the "Alkaline Diet" - it's said to have benefits of clear skin, weight maintenance, increased energy & improved digestion. By simply following the food list in this video and reducing the acidity you intake, you can neutralize your pH & reap ALL of these benefits! Would you try it??

Here's what your grocery list should include:

1. GREENS: Like kale and asparagus, and herbs like mint and basil 2. LOW-GLYCEMIC FRUITS: Avocado, tomato and lemon 3. LEGUMES: Beans and lentils 4. OILS: Coconut, olive, flax and avocado 5. DRINKS: Alkaline water, herbal tea and chlorophyll into your daily water

Be sure to AVOID:

  • Processed foods - Fried foods - Sugar (including sweeteners and soda!) - Condiments - Most dairy products (sheep and goat's milk digests better, though) - Simple carbohydrates

Would you try this diet? Dish below!