The Mother Nature Bouquet

Make a statement with this oversized and gorgeous "mother nature" bouquet. We teamed up with Domaine Home and LA-based floral export from Bloom & Plume to show you how to create this wild flower arrangement. Willow, eucalyptus, hydrangeas, this bouquet is perfect for a chilly winter gathering. 1. Place a willow at the bottom of the vase to hold flowers in place 2. Use big greenery to establish the shape 3. Cut the woodsy stem down the middle, to let water absorb TIP: Keep greens out of the water! 4. Add eucalyptus leaves 5. As arrangement becomes bigger, cut stems shorter 6. Mix greens to create a dynamic look 7. Split stems of woody hydrangeas, again, to let water absorb TIP: No 2 stems of the arrangement should be the same height 8. Turn to make sure it looks even Visit Domaine Home for shopping, style & inspiration for the home!

Visit Bloom & Plume for more about LA-based floral expert Maurice Harris.