How To Build A Breakfast Parfait Bar

When it comes to breakfast bars, nothing is as easy as a parfait set up. There is something for everyone to get excited about. Plus, it's a healthy way to start the morning, coupled your with mimosas... of course. Food bars are always a great way to get social with a group of people, and obviously a great Instagram moment (because what is brunch without that?).

Grab your favorite bowls and super foods, it's time to make a parfait bar!

  1. Set the scene: Grab your favorite eclectic bowls and a bright flower bouquet
  2. Stock the goods: Offer Greek and coconut yogurt (for your vegan friends), super foods like goji berries and cacao nibs, fruit like strawberries and blackberries, and topping that add texture such as puffed quinoa, granola (we love lemon sesame), slivered almonds and walnuts. Don't forget a drizzle of honey and flaxseed oil!
  3. ENJOY! Mix up your favorite concoctions and have fun!

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