6 Ways To Detox Your Kitchen

Keeping the products you use externally as clean as possible, is just as important as what you digest internally. Chemicals, like synthetic dyes and fragrances, seep through our skin and enter our bodies in different ways—and there are so many amazing nontoxic, chemical-free options out there, why not give them a try? We're sharing our top paraben, phthalate, and ammonia-free options for a crystal clean kitchen, without the toxic mess.

Here's what we recommend:

  1. Dish Soap - Avoid synthetic fragrances and dyes (we rec: Puracy)
  2. Hand Soap - Stay away from carcinogens (we rec: Puracy)
  3. Surface Cleaner - Generic powder cleaners contain harsh irritants (we rec: Bon Ami)
  4. All-Purpose Spray - Avoid chemicals that easily penetrate skin (we rec: Honest Company)
  5. Air Freshener - Toxins spread throughout your whole space! Keep it clean (we rec: Charcoal Air Freshener Pouch)
  6. Bonus! Eco-friendly and BPA-free reusable bags, in lieu of plastic! (we rec: Blue Avocado)

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