5 Ways To Get A 6-Pack

Get in shape this holiday season with help from these five moves celebrity trainer, Chase Weber (aka @chasenfitness), is showing off. Targeted at those coveted 6-pack abs, these moves will tone and train your core for strength and endurance.

Here's how they're done:

  1. Triangle Pyramid Russian Twists: With legs raised, knees bent and ankles crossed, then lift arms in a prayer position in front of you. Twist left and right, using your oblique muscles as you touch your elbow to each side. 4 sets of 25
  2. Scissor Kick with A Roll Out: Lying flat, head-raised and arms out to the side. Scissor kick with each leg, twice bend legs & roll back up. 4 sets of 25
  3. Sit Up With Hand Raise: With knees bent, sit up with your hands straight out and fingers touching. Pull your hands above your head.
  4. Rotational Side Plank: Lying in side plank, stack your feet with your core engaged. Use your top arm to touch the ground and reach to the sky. 4 sets of 25 on each side
  5. Elbow To Knee: With your legs raised and your hands behind your head, crunch opposite elbow to knee. 4 sets of 25 on each side

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