Introducing the Year Of Wellness

Detox. Nourish. Glow. Rest. Focus. Energize.


Wellness is a lifestyle.

A real sense of wellness comes from a commitment you make to yourself, a choice you make every day that is for you and only you.

This wellness feeling comes naturally when you are eating clean, relationships support your growth, life is filled with laughter, and your mind / body / spirit are aligned.

You feel strong, are grateful for where you are standing, confident in your choices, and completely in love with your life… When you know you got this and it shows.

And we got you. We know wellness and we know how to bring it to you.

We’re a team of lifestyle pros, health gurus, and yogis who have done the heavy lifting. Our team has selected the most important aspects of health, researched the best products, paired with the leading partners, and combined everything we’ve learned on our own journeys, and packaged it into a beautiful box that comes to your doorstep every month.

The Year of Wellness is a journey to your very best self. It’s a curated, tested, proven platform to take you from where you are to where you want to go, while discovering yourself in a fun and refreshing way.


Imagine receiving a box of goodies to play with every month alongside simple health guidelines and insights to think about. Everyone loves trying new things and we not only make it enjoyable, but healthy, clean, functional, and inspiring.

We all forget the impact of the little things. Of drinking a few more sips of water or how taking a few deep breaths is incredibly relaxing. We forget to pay attention to ourselves, and this is at the core of our wellness journey.

The Year of Wellness will not only bring your focus back to you, but will shower you with functional products that support healing, help you strengthen your system, offer ways to detox your life, plump up your level of happiness, guide you on creating new healthy habits, and be the catalyst for creating a life you love.

Great health is an accomplishment and The Year Of Wellness is here to make your path sustainable, fun and long lasting.

Wellness is a lifestyle.

It’s one that thrives off dedication to creating a life you’re proud of. One that involves figuring out what makes YOU feel uniquely healthy. One that requires making decisions that lead to a better you. Every single day. And you know what else? It’s one that feels seriously good!

But life gets crazy – we totally get it – and accomplishing everything that makes you feel wonderful can seem like a never-ending stretch. In a time where wellness is the buzzword, it can be overwhelming to understand all it takes to ‘live well,’ especially while balancing everything else.

We know wellness and we know how to bring it to you.

It’s easy to forget the little things that lead to a healthy life. Like drinking enough water to remain hydrated, living toxin-free to stay safe, eating clean to feel energized, or getting R&R to be happy. To sum it up, it’s easy to forget yourself.

And we are sooo over that. It’s time to treat yourself to a life well-lived. To give your body, mind, & soul a fresh perspective.

So with that in our head, us wellness-obsessed gals have created something we’re really excited to share, and more importantly, provide! We want you to wave bye to the attempts at finding products that are maybe(?) clean, to spending money on things that don’t bring true value, to wasted days of not feeling 100 percent.

Instead, say hiiii to…drum roll, please!…LEAFtv’s Year of Wellness!

Wellness is the compound effect of every choice you make every single day.

This subscription-based box of luxury goodness is intended to provide what you need to live a healthy, happy life. Even better? We’ll ship it right to you, wrapped up real pretty!

The YOW will bring focus back to you. It’ll shower you with functional products that support healing, offer ways to detox, raise your level of happiness, guide you to creating better habits, and be the catalyst for creating a life you love. We’re talking about a variety of high-quality products, too; think everything from books, to fitness gear, to home goods and clean beauty—all curated to boost your world. We’ve partnered with top players in the health game, consulted with an Ayurvedic expert, Helen Magnani, and combined our personal knowledge (and mistakes!) into an idea that is healthy AND doable.

Every month – for a whole year! – you’ll unwrap a different wellness theme with instructions on how to utilize each product included. Plus, we’ll provide additional inspiration and resources – like checklists and suggested schedules – to holistically support each theme. We promise that each box is full of swoon-worthy products that can seamlessly fit into life – even really busy ones.