How To Throw An Italian Dinner Party

This weekend, we're showing you how to put together a sophisticated and elegant Italian dinner party. With help from chef & party planner over at Valleybrink Road, here are four dishes that will completely wow your guests. You can't have an Italian dinner party without some ricotta, so we're starting off with an easy Ricotta Crostini. Light enough to still have room for the courses to come, and satisfying enough to keep your hungry guests happy. Moving on to the insalata, this fresh chopped salad is a guaranteed win. The key is to buy the freshest ingredients you can, the true Italian way! For the pasta, cook up some Cacio e Pepe, which literally translates to "cheese & pepper." This is a fun change from the usual tomato sauce. Now for the most important part: dessert. This gelato is only 3 ingredients, seriously. Good quality gelato, olive oil and maldon salt. You cannot go wrong. Now you have 4 easy recipes to make up an impressive Italian dinner party, go get 'em!