7 Easy Labor Day Recipes To Make If You Hate Cooking

We rounded up 7 easy-to-make recipes that all the party people will love this Labor Day weekend (or any weekend, for that matter). The best part? Little-to-no cooking required for you! That's right. Simple recipes you can blend up or add your favorite toppings to. One of our favorite go-to's for entertaining is a nice pizza party ????! Just buy pre-made pizza dough, top with whatever you desire, bake, et voilá! We also love utilizing our food processor and blender -- simple dips, or our chocolate mousse, are always easy and something everyone can get into. The one recipe that requires a little finesse in the playlist above is the Crispy Smashed Potatoes. But we couldn't not include it because 1) it's simple, and 2) they are so good, 3) make extra (!!!)

Watch the playlist above for all the recipes!

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