As you get older, your skin also gets older and goes through changes such as wrinkling. Some people develop wrinkles faster than others. The two causes of skin wrinkles are heredity and lifestyle, or nature and nurture. There is not too much you can do about the hereditary changes to your skin, but a lot can be done about how you nurture your skin.


The ultraviolet rays of the sun and tanning booths are the main cause of premature aging and wrinkles. This is called photoaging. Both UV-A and UV-B rays damage your skin cells leading to wrinkles as well as other skin problems. Sunlight contains vitamin D and tanning booths do not. So while they are both harmful to your skin, tanning booths can cause more harm.


The sunlight and tanning booths damage the protein that gives shape and elasticity to your skin. Your skin loses its flexibility, starts to sag and wrinkles form. Too much sunlight also causes too much oxidation which also can lead to wrinkles. Many young people think that since they are still young, tanning won’t affect them for years. This is not the case. The younger you are when you start tanning, the earlier your skin will develop wrinkles.


Abstinence from tanning is the best way to avoid premature aging and wrinkles on your skin. Some people have a hard time avoiding the sun and tanning beds, so wearing a protective sunscreen will protect you a lot more than wearing nothing at all. The sunscreen should have an SPF of 15 or more.