A glass of wine can pair nicely with an elegant meal. A whole bottle of wine, on the other hand, is fun to share with a crowd of friends. Trivia games make for the perfect party pastime, allowing friends to educate and test one another’s knowledge and expertise of wine. Wine trivia games should be fun and accompanied by lots of laughter, especially after a couple of glasses have been enjoyed.

Statistics Games

People love to drink wine, but they may not always know the statistics about the wine they drink, such as how many calories are in a glass of red versus a glass of white. Trivia statistics games are an entertaining way to see what you know about wine and learn new things. Besides the number of calories in a glass, statistics game questions can cover topics such as how many grapes it takes to make a bottle of wine, how long it takes for the wine to become drinkable and what temperature reds should be stored at.

Statistics games are played in question-and-answer format. One person asks the questions, while the others have to answer. Only one person can answer at a time, and if the answer is incorrect, that person takes a sip of wine.

History Games

History trivia games are played to test people’s knowledge of how wine was discovered, who discovered it and when, and other historical facts about wine. The Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers website poses one such question: “Which U.S. president built extensive wine cellars below the White House?”

For history games, split the group of friends into two teams and make them compete against each other. The team that correctly answers the questions first wins the round. The losing team must take a drink of wine, of course. Continue for as many rounds as you like, or until the wine is gone.

Taste Tests

Blindfold the players of the taste trivia game and pour small servings of various types of wine into individual glasses. For this game, the players who are blindfolded will be forced to use their taste buds and noses to guess what type of wine they are drinking, such as pinot grigio or reisling. For true wine experts, you can make the game tougher by requiring them to provide more feedback about the wines’ flavors. If they can guess the region or country that the wine comes from, they win that bottle of wine to take home with them.