The bra is a common frustration for many women; more than half of all adult women are wearing the wrong size bra, and the difficulties of bra sizing are only magnified when underwire bras are worn. There are many benefits to wearing underwire bras, although the most important aspect of any bra is how well it fits.


Although many bras contain padding or a certain fit that will help enhance the appearance of breast size, the main function of a bra is to give support. Choosing the right type of bra can be a challenge for women of any age.

Wearing a soft cup bra offers a different type of support in comparison to an underwire; many soft cup bras do not offer as much rigid support and allow breasts to move more freely within the bra.

Underwire Bras

Bras that contain a thin wire along the bottom and sides of the cups are underwire bras. Some bras are custom designed not to need an underwire, since some women experience discomfort when wearing an underwire bra. Most underwire bras are designed to offer the wearer a specific benefit.

Benefits of Underwire Bras

In addition to providing additional support, underwire bras often provide more lift; this, along with padding, can be found in a wide range of products. Wearing underwire bras is an option for women who want to have more control over the way their breasts look when wearing a bra, desire more support or are more comfortable wearing an underwire bra.


Although there are rumors about an increased risk of breast cancer linked to underwire bras, there have been no scientific studies done that show any connection between cancer and the type of bra a woman wears. While a metal underwire might occasionally cause uncomfortable pressure in the breasts, this is due to an ill-fitting bra and is not a health risk.

There is also no health risk associated with not wearing a bra; however, many women, especially larger-busted women, find that going without a bra causes some discomfort over the course of a day. Not wearing a bra will not contribute to sagging, either, as breasts naturally have a tendency to sag as the body ages.


Some women experience discomfort from the pressure of the metal wires in the bras that makes them impossible to wear; in some cases, bras can be found in which softer plastic is used in place of metal. It is always possible to wear a bra without an underwire, although in some cases the bra may offer less support.