There are many reasons a Keurig B70, or Platinum, beverage brewer ceases to brew. Whether the brewer has low water or needs descaling, basic upkeep is required to maintain the brewer at its maximum performance.

Power Supply & Secure Handle

The Keurig B70 may not brew if the brewer is not plugged into a working power supply. If it is, check to assure that the handle is securely down. The LCD screen will read “Ready To Brew” when the handle is secure.


Lack of water will prevent the B70 from brewing. If there is not enough water in the reservoir, “Add Water” will flash on the LCD screen of the B70 brewer. Once water has been added and the tank replaced, the LCD screen will read “Ready To Brew”. If, once water has been added, the brewer still indicates that water is to be added, contact customer service.


Over time minerals from the water build up within the B70 brewer, hindering brew performance. It is recommended that the brewer be descaled every 3-6 months, depending on the quality of the water used.

Exit Needle

The exit needle is where the brewed beverage exits the machine. This needle, located at the bottom of the K-cup holder, may become clogged with grounds. Remove the K-cup holder and disassemble. Using a toothpick or similar tool, push the grounds out of the needle.