Women use products like mascara and eyelash extensions to lengthen and make their eyelashes more prominent. Women prefer longer eyelashes to look more attractive, but long eyelashes carry benefits for women that they may not be aware of, according to “Psychology Today” magazine.

Eye Contact

The human eye is drawn to that which moves, and the larger (or longer), the better. Long eyelashes make eye movements, such as the batting of eyelashes, more prominent, thus encouraging eye contact from potential mates or business partners.


Longer, darker lashes make the eyes seem larger in proportion to the ears and nose, which grow throughout the lifespan, making women appear younger.


Making the eyelashes stand out also makes the whites of the eyes look brighter. This is generally a signal that a person is healthy.


Longer eyelashes can give a woman’s face a more stereotypically feminine appearance because female features tend to be more contrasted than male features.


Long eyelashes make the eyes look wide, thus making facial dimensions more similar to a baby’s. Long eyelashes can elicit trusting first impressions from strangers.

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