Whether you are eating a porterhouse steak or a serving of peppered beef, red wine is a nice complement to your meal. Enjoy a glass of Syrah or Merlot with your dinner.

Peppered Steak

If your steak is cooked with pepper, the accompanying wine should also have spicier notes. You do not want the base flavors in your food and wine to clash with each other. Consider a glass of Shiraz or Mouvedre with your meal.

Bordeaux Grape

If you are enjoying a premium steak, such as a porterhouse, try a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot with your meat. These wines are made from the Bordeaux grape. According to Is Wine, a store in New York City, “The best red wines for a fine steak are those produced from the classic Bordeaux grape.”


Although red wine and steak are a classic pair, you should alternatively try a Pinot Grigio with your beef. A white wine, Pinot Grigio has a lighter taste, so try not to overwhelm your steak with excessive seasoning.