Different types makeup and lotion last for different lengths of time. If any product ever smells rancid or appears moldy, throw it away — using expired items can put you at risk of infection. Many cosmetics have a symbol on their packaging depicting an open jar with a number and letter “m” on it, which stand for the number of months it’s good for. If the product in question isn’t labeled this way, you’ll have to determine it for yourself.

How Long Makeup and Lotions Last

Lipstick and gloss typically last one to two years, as do lotions, powder blush and face powder, as long it doesn’t contain botanical extracts that may encourage bacterial growth. Eyeliner, mascara and both powder and cream eye shadow last two to three months before they’re contaminated by germs. Liquid foundation lasts six months to a year. Purchase lotions in pump bottles, which keep out germs, allowing them to last longer. Nail polish is good for years, but may need a shake to reduce thickening.