The 1980’s was a decade when fashion fads and trends revolved around fun, funky and individualistic styles especially among teenagers and young adults. Bright colors and unique shapes remain modern iconic symbols of the ’80s.


By the mid-1980’s the color trend for teens was neon. From hot pink to electric green, neon could be found on over-sized shirts, leggings, chunky jewelry and sunglasses. Although other color trends surged and waned throughout the decade, neon is the most commonly, and sometimes fondly, remembered palette of the decade.

Dance Wear

Dance movies like “Fame,” released in 1980, and “Flashdance,” released in 1983, started a trend of dance-wear as day-wear. “Flashdance,” especially, inspired a generation of teens and young adults to wear legwarmers, sweatshirts with the collars cut out and leotards.

Chunky Jewelry

Jewelry in the 80s was all about size and impact. While older women wore sculptural, elegant, metal pieces, teens more commonly wore chunky, plastic jewelry. Trends like multiple bracelets on one arm and mismatched, over-sized earrings added individuality to the chunky jewelry trend. Neon and geometric designs were popular.


The classic silhouette of the 1980’s teen was baggy and over-sized on top paired with form-fitting bottoms. This look was achieved by pairing an extra large sweatshirt or t-shirt with leggings or stretchy stirrup pants.