Chocolate-dipped strawberries are a decadent treat. You can eat them almost any time of the year, though they are most often enjoyed during special occasions. You can find them in stores throughout the world. Each one is different in it’s own special way. If you want to create your own chocolate-dipped strawberries, you will need strawberries, a double boiler and chocolate. The type of chocolate you use will largely depend on your tastes.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate has a relatively low percentage of cocoa in it. It has milk, sugar and other additives that make milk chocolate taste sweet and silky. Milk chocolate will make your strawberries sweeter. Milk chocolate melts fast and will coat your strawberries too thin if it’s too hot. It makes a wonderful base coating if you like a sweet treat. If you aren’t a big fan of sweets, tone down the taste by only dipping half of the strawberry in the chocolate. You can also create small swirls around the strawberry to get just a touch of sweetness.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a bittersweet taste that is a popular choice when it comes to chocolate-covered strawberries. Dark chocolate is darker in color, compared to milk chocolate, and has even been proven to be somewhat healthy for you. “…Just 1 oz of a very special chocolate packs more than twice the healthy antioxidants punch of red wine or other dark chocolates,” according to Antioxidants are healthy for your heart. If you aren’t especially fond of dark chocolate, use a simple swirl to decorate your strawberry. You will get just the right amount of bittersweet taste.

White Chocolate

White chocolate is a popular choice when it comes to chocolate-dipped strawberries. White chocolate is simply a mixture of milk, cocoa butter and other additives. White chocolate has a distinct sweet flavor and is easy to melt in a double boiler. However, like milk chocolate, you need to get the temperature just right to prevent it from being too runny.

Specialty Chocolates

Specialty chocolates have a mixture of different types of chocolates in them. They may have a mixture of white and dark chocolate, or other additives such as cinnamon. These types of chocolates have a unique taste. You can easily create your own chocolate by mixing different ingredients into the double boiler with your chocolate. Use it to dip your strawberries in, or just as an added decoration swirl.