There are different blouses and shirts that enhance a figure depending on your body shape. To hide a tummy well, the top best fitted for you depends on your bust size. Bringing out your best assets can be achieved with a feminine neckline, flowy fabric, layers and jackets. When to use each depends on you.


A sweeping neckline is a perfect focal point to enhance the breasts while distracting from the stomach. Even a little feminine belly that is in a body skimming, form-fitted shirt will not be as noticeable when the neckline is in a sweetheart shape. Wear a size that fits loosely over your midsection. An off-the-shoulder top will draw attention upward to your shoulders. A V-neck or scoop-neck baby-doll shape will frame the bust area while draping loosely over the tummy. A wrap-style or ballerina top with a looser babydoll waist will drape nicely over the midsection while outlining breasts. An A-line shirt with a low square neckline will flow softly away from the middle and frame the bust.


Fabrics like cotton, organza or silk blends will camouflage midsections best if they are either floating away from the body, layered in a loose ruffle panel or lined to camouflage shape. Draping areas in jersey or light velvet gives enough density to form shape concealing panels over the middle of the body. Crinkled fabrics or draping textures will camouflage well in form-fitting clothes. Stretch fabric only works for a form-fitted upper body; then it must float away from the body to disguise the belly.


A sheer under layer of chiffon, silk or rayon can add a new dimension under a blouse to keep it from clinging, and offers the added benefit of camouflaging larger areas. A draped front panel — featured on a flowy cami or blouse — will minimize your stomach the best. Coupled with a scoop neck, this style can be very feminine.


A fitted jacket can enhance the bust over a fitted T-shirt while covering the midsection. A short sweater or bolero can give more impact to your bust outline while leaving a flowy fabric cami to hide the midsection. Similar to a jacket, V-collared, button-up shirts that are fitted and slightly stretchy work well if they’re not too tight in the middle. Wear the shirt alone, or pair it with a tank top or cami underneath — simply button the shirt half way for a stylish light-jacket appearance.