Seersucker is a summer staple for men and women, alike. This thin, all-cotton fabric, that typically features a striped or checkered pattern, owes its popularity in part to its “wearability, crisp appearance and versatility,” according to Cotton Inc. Once a full suit or a seersucker blazer has been added to your wardrobe, a world of color and classic looks can be easily created.

Start with White

White goes well with everything, but particularly with seersucker. Clean, crisp and stylish, pairing a seersucker blazer with all white looks and feels cool. Worn with a white shirt and white trousers, a seersucker blazer glows with chic sophistication.

A Splash of Color

If sporty is your style, mix seersucker with shirts in soft pastel colors. Men who aren’t comfortable in pastels might want to try a deeper tone with their seersucker, or try pairing a white oxford shirt with a dark silk tie.

Go Casual

Pair a seersucker blazer with casual, loose-fitting pants. For an even more relaxed look, opt for a pair of nice jeans, instead.