Jean pants tend to be a wardrobe staple since they’re easy to wear and extremely versatile. The jean pant’s relative, the jean skirt, can be a bit trickier to incorporate into outfits. Jean skirts come in a variety of styles, from casual miniskirts in light washes to dressier knee-length dark-denim pencil skirts. Choosing the right clothing to pair with a jean skirt can make it just as flattering as your favorite jean pants.


Balance an outfit’s proportions and pair a denim mini skirt with a billowy or full-coverage top. Since denim mini skirts display a lot of leg, prevent the look from being too revealing by keeping your upper body covered and avoiding high heels. For a more casual look, choose a fitted crew neck top, graphic tee or fitted zip-up hooded top to wear with a denim mini skirt. Add colorful sneakers, ballet flats or sandals. If you want to give your legs some coverage, add a pair of leggings underneath your skirt. The most flattering legging style ends right below your knee. For a chicer look, wear your denim mini skirt with a button-up blouse and a fitted blazer. Add a pair of flat, knee high boots in leather or suede for a sophisticated touch. Avoid wearing stiletto boots with a denim mini skirt because the two attention grabbing items can risk looking overly revealing when paired together.

Knee Length

Knee-length denim skirts tend to be the most universally flattering denim skirt style; in fact, in a dark denim wash, a denim pencil skirt may even be acceptable as part of a business-casual outfit. Select a tailored top with a v-neck or scoop neck to wear with a knee-length denim skirt. Since the length of the skirt covers half of your lower body, showing a bit of skin around your neckline can elongate your upper body and make your body look leaner. Select shoes with height to wear with a knee-length style to make your legs appear longer. Wedge heels tend to look more casual, while pointed-toe high heels work better for a more sophisticated look.


A long denim skirt can be difficult to wear without looking matronly. To make it look more stylish, pair a long skirt with a tailored or form-fitting top and high heeled boots. Choose tops that hit at the hip, because long tunic tops combined with a long denim skirt will cover too much of your shape. To draw the eye up and break up the monotony of so much denim, layer two tops; for example, wear a camisole under an open cardigan. Avoid wearing extremely casual items, such as loose t-shirts or white sneakers with a long denim skirt or you can appear disheveled.