Most women enjoy looking sexy. But women have to work, take care of the family and keep up with the household chores, so dressing sexy can quickly become a thing of the past. Women often opt for comfort over style, and choose clothing that is easy to move around in, instead of something stylish and sexy. With little effort, it is possible to incorporate a sexiness into your wardrobe.


Sweatpants and stretch material trousers can be unflattering to a figure. Instead of wearing bulky bottoms, purchase form-fitting jeans to flatter your figure.


Many women like the comfort of a soft cotton T-shirt. But plain T-shirts are not sexy. Luckily, you can get T-shirts in different styles. Choose a V-neck T-shirt or a smaller, form-fitting T-shirt for a sexier look.


Wearing heels instead of flat-soled shoes is good way to appear taller and thinner. It gives length and adds sexiness to any body.

Push Up Bra

Most bras offer minimum support. Push up bras give you a lot of lift and separation, and can also make your breast area seem larger. This can make your whole wardrobe look new and improved.


Dresses can be sexy if you wear one that accentuates one of your good qualities. If you have nice legs, wear a dress that is a bit shorter; if you have a good figure, wear one that is form fitting.