What to Wear for a Tina Turner Impersonator

By Rose Mathews

Rock icon Tina Turner has an over-the-top style that requires confidence to pull off. As an artist, she's admired for her raw vocals, electric stage presence and resilient spirit. As a fashion presence, she's known for her glittery clothes that show off her toned physique. Impersonating Tina Turner is definitely not for the timid, but with a few key clothing articles and accessories, anyone can be a diva for a day.

Go heavy on the sparkle for a Tina Turner look.


Photographs reveal that Tina Turner has worn wigs for most of her professional career. Perhaps the most iconic is her 1980s shag look. To resemble Tina Turner during her "Private Dancer" tour, find an auburn or blonde medium-length wig with short, spiky layers. To go for an earlier incarnation of the rock diva, a medium-length brown wig with bangs will work, or even a dark bob.

Mini-Dress or Mini-Skirt

Turner is almost as famous for her gams as she is for her hit songs, so anyone impersonating the singer should show a lot of leg. A sparkly mini-dress, ideally with beaded or fringe accents, is one obvious choice for achieving the Tina Turner look. Sometimes, the dresses are more in the showgirl style, with daring thigh-high slits up the front and sides. The dresses Turner wears also often feature spaghetti straps that show off her well-toned arms.


Turner's outfits feature many sequins, feathers and fringes, so don't wear a lot of jewelry when impersonating her. Flashy shoes are a necessity, however. In keeping with the leg-centric look of the singer, high heels, perhaps a shiny metallic color and with ankle straps, make a sassy complement to her signature mini-dress look.

"Mad Max"

The costume that Tina Turner wore in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" is so distinctive that the singer actually revived it and wore a modified version for one of her tours, decades after the film was made. Prefabricated versions of the costume are available, but the look can also be achieved with a metallic or chain mail mini-dress, a long, platinum blond mohawk wig and multiple silver hoop earrings and bangle bracelets.